LexisNexis and Firefox Problem (fixed 22 January 2014)

16 01 2014

If you are at one of the PCs at the front of the reference desk and try to open LexisNexis in Firefox, you’ll see that the lower half of the search screen is missing:

LexisNexis in Firefox


I’ve reported this problem to the BCTC Help Desk (ticket # 24353). My sense is that Firefox on these machines needs to be updated. If you encounter this problem at the desk, just switch over to Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

22 Jan. 2014 update: BCTC has now fixed this problem



2 responses to “LexisNexis and Firefox Problem (fixed 22 January 2014)”

17 01 2014
  Frank Donnelly (10:30:36) :

Many of the plugins in Firefox for Java, Flash, etc seem outdated – if one of us updates them when logged in I’m not sure the changes would be global (in which case BCTC would have to update them).

22 01 2014
  sfrancoeur (11:09:24) :

BCTC staff have now fixed this problem.