Updated Search Functionality in OneSearch

In the past week, the CUNY Office of Library services have announced two new expansions of search functionality in OneSearch:

  1. Searchers can can tweak the relevance ranking of their results with the “Personalize your results” option on the left side of search results. When you select this option, you are given a window to select what broad subject areas your interests are in. More details on the CUNY OLS blog post, “Personalize Your OneSearch Results!”
  2. More MARC fields in CUNY catalog records are indexed and searchable in OneSearch. As detailed in the CUNY OLS blog post, “New Ways to Search OneSearch,” the specific fields relate to local notes added by our catalogers to records. This should make local content a bit more findable.

2 thoughts on “Updated Search Functionality in OneSearch”

  1. Regarding the personalization feature, a good example is the word “magnet.” If you were interested in magnet schools, then selecting “education” from the personalization options has a dramatic effect. If you’re interested in the physics of magnets, then personalizing for “physics” will also have notable effects on the relevance ranking.

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