Artemis Branding Disappears from Gale Literature Databases

14 02 2017

Gale has changed the branding with the Artemis label on its literature databases (but not on its primary source databases). To reflect that we have made the following changes on our database lists:

  • Renamed the existing listing for “Artemis Literary Sources” to “Gale Literary Sources (formerly Artemis)” and moved it to the G tab in the A-Z list.
  • Added a temporary pointer link on the A tab on the A-Z list for “Artemis Literary Sources is now called Gale Literary Sources” (this pointer link will be removed at the end of the spring semester)
  • Renamed “Literature Criticism Online (Artemis)” as “Literature Criticism Online (Gale Literary Sources”) and “Literature Resource Center (Artemis)” as “Literature Resource Center (Gale Literary Sources)”

New Interface for Literature Criticism Online

26 08 2013

This month, Gale launched a new interface to Literature Criticism Online. It’s a much cleaner look for the database and worth checking out, as gives us a sneak peak at the new Artemis interface that will soon be available for all of our Gale databases (this was the subject of last week’s Gale demo here at Baruch).

By way of reminder, Literature Criticism Online is a notable resource for us because:

  • it contains the full text of the following classic reference sets:
    • Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
    • Contemporary Literary Criticism
    • Drama Criticism
    • Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800
    • Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
    • Poetry Criticism
    • Shakespearean Criticism
    • Short Story Criticism
    • Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism
  • entries on specific literary works give you a lengthy overview of the critical discourse on that work