Changes to Some Gale Databases

14 02 2017

We’ve recently lost access to Twayne’s Author Series and to the current contents on World Scholar: Latin American and the Caribbean (we’ve retained access to the archives).

Our subscription to Business Insights: Global has changed to Business Insights: Essentials.

All changes have been reflected on our A-Z database pages and subject database pages.

Four New Gale Databases

27 01 2014

Now that NOVELNY is picking up the tab for the subscription to Opposing Viewpoints in Context, CUNY has been able to use those funds we had been using for that database for four new Gale databases instead. Here is a list of those new databases, the subject databases page they have been added to, and a brief description:

  • Global Issues in Context
    • Subjects: Current Events, Political Science, Public Affairs
    • Complements the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database. Less about pro/con and more news and reference info. Browsing by region/country yields a quick overview of issues for that location.
  • LitFinder
    • Subjects: English
    • Gale notes that it “includes approximately 140,000 full-text poems, 800,000 poem citations and excerpts, 7,100 full-text short stories and novels, 3,800 full-text essays, 2,000 full-text speeches and 1,700 full-text plays. It also includes biographies, work summaries, photographs and a glossary.”
  • Twayne’s Authors Series
    • Subjects: English
    • Another source of work overviews and criticism of novels, plays, poetry, and short stories.
  • World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Subjects: Black Studies, Caribbean Studies, History, Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies
    • Offers primary source materials (especially documents and maps).