When B.A.D. is Good

Anyone searching for eggs, pancakes, bacon, or any other breakfast item at any time may want might want to consider B.A.D. (Breakfast All Day), a 24-hour seven-day-a-week diner in Williamsburg.

The chef of the restaurant, Steve Lynn, may be familiar to Burritoville fans. He has evolved to owning not only places that serves burritos but somewhere that invites any kind of person in, even if they aren’t breakfast lovers.

Located between Bedford and Berry on Grand street, the diner is near the north side of Brooklyn, meaning it’s surrounded by small establishments that sell quirky and eccentric clothes, books and anything else you can’t seem to find in your average store.

B.A.D. is a quiet place with a loud personality designed with flames on the walls and metallic chairs and tables. Though the tables are small, the staff should be considerate enough to immediately help move two of them together if necessary as ours was. Alive with rhythmic music that gives one the urge want to tap their foot, B.A.D. is the place for a relaxing breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack.

Slightly unconventional, the breakfast menu consists of reinvented platters such as huevos rancheros with sweet potatoes cubed like home fries wrapped in a tortilla.

The service is rather quick and the food seems endless as it comes out on large plates piled on the waitresses arms.

The huevos rancheros ($8.50) was an unexpected delight and came with sweet potatoes.

As for the non-breakfast items on the menu, the hot wings ($7) are especially meaty, the garlic potatoes ($3) delicious, the chocolate shake ($4.25) was filled to the top with whipped cream, and the cheese fries ($5) are drowned in cheese with the occasional surprise of bacon bits.

All in all, the diner is definitely not one that can be imitated, and should be tried by everyone who has an appetite for something new and breakfast at any time of course. 


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