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    Former Presidente Ernesto Zedillo, once proclaimed, ~“I have prloudy affirmed that the Mexican nationextends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders.”~ In other words, he is the sovereign of loyal Mexican citizenswho just happen to be living in the United States of America. This sentiment was subsequently backed upby the Mexican consul in Los Angeles,Jose Angel Pescador Osuna, who boldly stated that,~“we are practicing la Reconquista in California.”~ As the number of Illegal Mexicans living in the U.S. has ballooned(growing from 2 million to 23 million over the past thirty years),so have the feelings of anti-Americanism among them.There are disturbing signs that anti-Americanism is on the increase.The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF)is one of the leaders in this anti-American movement. Such anti-Americanism among Mexican studentsis encouraged by the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan,the country’s largest Hispanic student group. “Aztlan” is the name given to a section of the western United States(stretching as far north as Washington and east as Texas)that extremist Mexicans still dream of as their own.Among MEChA’s more outrageous positionsis their open denial of the authority of the U.S. government.They pledge themselves to be an“indigenous people, who are sovereign and not subject to a foreign culture.” What they propose is nothing less than treason,a Mexican nation “autonomous and free”to be balkanized from within the United States. Not only does MEChA have chapters at most universities throughout the Southwest,they even have groups at some high schools,thus ensuring that young and suggestible minds can be corrupted early. This doublespeak is also the focus of many Chicano Studies coursestaught at colleges across the country,where the myth of Aztlan is presented as fact. The bible of these classes is the best-selling Occupied America,a book filled with anti-American vitriol,in which author Rodolfo Acuna offers up such poisonous theories as“Anglo control of Mexico’s northwest territory is an occupation”and “Chicanos are not able to obtain justice [in the U.S.]because they are controlled and living in captivity.This reconquista of the Southwestern United States –a movement to “take back” Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico,not by conquest, but by attrition –is the most obvious and potentially dangerous exampleof anti-American feelings in the Hispanic community. Mexicans intend to achieve this goal, in part,by immigrating to the area in such large numbersthat they effectively, if not literally, claim the region for Mexico. . In their efforts at “reconquest,” Mexicans and Mexican-Americanshave the full support and encouragement of the government of Mexico,particularly in the personage of former President Vincente Fox.El Presidente was fond of saying that he is not the leader of 100 million Mexicans,but rather 123 million, the difference being those living in the United States. How is it that most Americans are completely unawareof this manipulation of our government and political system?One simple explanation is that they don’t speak or read Spanish.The Mexican media, including television, newspapers, and the Internet,doesn’t try to hide these efforts.There is no reason to:They know that most Americans wouldn’t understand what they heard,even if they were exposed to it. Confronting such a concerted and dedicated effort will not be easy.This is especially so if we are unwilling to even address the problem. We, as Americans, must stand-upagainst the derision of our culture and the lies about our history. Our fears of political incorrectnessmust no longer make us passively accept the hatred shown towards usby those living in our own country. Furthermore, if we are truly seriousabout protecting the prosperity and traditions we enjoy,we must start working towards a moratorium on immigrationand a reinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. At the very least,we should stop pretending that Mexico isn’t a foreign country,eager to pursue its own national interest at the expense of ours.

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