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Criminal Podcast

I listen to a few podcasts and they are all different in content and format. However, one of my favorite podcasts is Criminal, hosted by Phoebe Judge. Criminal is the kind of podcast that makes me feel scared, curious, angry and extremely engaged because it tells many real crime stories that one might think that they belong to a fiction podcast. With the help of an amazing narration by Phoebe, the episodes usually explore some bizarre stories that some listeners want to share or that Phoebe herself investigates.
In terms of format, there is always one person that is involved in the story somehow being interviewed by Phoebe in an engaging and journalistic way. There are also many soundbites that are used to connect the pieces of the story together along with the mysterious sound in the background, which works really well with the idea of expectation and crime. The episodes are not very long, varying from 20-40 minutes each, and the stories are explained in a detailed way. That said, one of my favorite episodes from Criminal is A Bump in the Night (#71).