How to prepare a resume

Resume Key Tips:

  • make sure you know what sections to focus on in your resume
  • drafts and making revisions are always important
  • always remember to update your resume

Resume examples:

Downloadable Resume Templates

Additional Example Resumes can be found here :– A sample resume from a college student with sections like the ones found above can be found here  -(Pages 13-26)  On these pages sample resumes for freshman to senior as well as resumes examples for different degrees like: finance , political sciences or history, etc. – 9 tips for creating a college resume can be found here as well as an example of a complete college student resume 

Action verbs that can be used on a resume can be found here verbs that express accomplishments, sales experiences to leadership skills , and may more can be found here  – Action verbs that express when you helped with a project, wrote something or managed a project/group plus more can be found here

References – in-depth explanation of what a resume is and what exactly it should look like can be found here – what to include in the content of your resume, what the sections of a resume should like, as well examples of a variety of sample resumes can all be found here

Videos on how to draft a resume:

Note: This video is from a College Junior on tips for drafting a resume and what to include in the sections of your resume

Note: This video is from a college graduate giving tips on how to draft a resume if you don’t have that much experience.


Note: An in-depth video focusing on what information to add into the specific sections of the resume with examples for each section.