How to write a statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose 

There are times where you might be required to write a statement of purpose. Here are some tips to guide your writing :

  • Outline what you are going to write about
  • Create a draft & make sure to do revisions 
  • Answer the question ( if they have given you a question to answer)
  • Grab the readers attention
  • Stay within the word limit ( if given one)
  • Use appropriate language
  • Use strong & concise language
  •  Proofread so there are no grammatical errors
  • Make sure you decide how you want to portray yourself
  • Remember to show why you are qualified 
  • Use an easy to read font
  • Make sure your statement of purpose is convincing
  • Be selective of what information you want to include
  • Look at examples if necessary

Statement of Purpose Examples :

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