CUNY-Sponsored Internships

  1. the CUNY Washington D.C. Program :
    1. Generally, on-campus deadline is March for the summer internship
    2. Students will receive $2,000
    3. CUNY covers housing costs and provides an award
    4. Students will live and work in Washington D.C.
    5. Students must carry a minimum 3.2 GPA
    6. 6 credits will be allocated to those students who participate in the D.C. Program: 3 credits allocated for the fall semester for POL 5452 & 3 credits to Special Topics (POL 3999
  2. The NY State Senate Session Assistants Program
    1. Deadline: Usually late October
    2. Students receive awards to offset living expenses in Albany ($6,000 from New York State + $2,000 from CUNY)
    3. If students are selected for this intern program, students receive 12 credits for the Albany Internship Program itself, with an option for another 3 credits by arranging an independent study with a member of the Baruch Political Science faculty. So, up to 15-course credits can be arranged. Please see the Internship Coordinator for details.
    4. You need to consult with Prof. Myung-Koo Kang & Ms. John on how to do this.
  3.  Caucus CUNY Scholars Program
    1. Students are placed in the offices of City Council members of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic or Asian legislative caucuses.
    2. Only available for the Spring semester
    3. Deadline is Mid or Late November
    4. Students must work 10-15 hours per week
    5. 3 Credits will be assigned for POL 5452
  4. The CUNY Women’s Public Service Internship Program
    1. Available only for the fall semester
    2. Focused on women’s leadership training
    3. Students will receive $2,000 stipend
    4. Deadline: usually July
  5. Phone access: NYC Council Members: Several members of the Council are involved in “Participatory Budgeting” (or immigration issues through “CUNY Citizenship Now
  6. Community Semester: Students will analyze the experience they gain in the field by studying community organizing, community development, government, and non-profit leadership.
    1. 15- week commitment/Full commitments
    2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
    3. Must have completed 24 college credits
    4. Participant will not have time for additional classes/ or second job.