1. Describe your Wonderland. You should explain exactly how this Wonderland messes with some sort of binary narrative.

Our binary will be religious versus secular. The wonderland will take place right after the United States Civil War, which was fought over religion. While the present day United States consists of a mix of both religious and secular people, the Wonderland will make distinct divisions between the two.

2. Explain the specific situation/scenario that your site highlights:

The South successfully secedes from the North, and the two act as semi-independent countries, where the North is religious and the South is secular. You need to prove your religious affiliation to enter the North and need to denounce every religion to enter the South.

3. Name 4 main things your viewer needs to know about this world in order to understand how this world works.

a. The Civil War was a war based on the South’s secession from the North because of different views on religion, not slavery.
b. Everyone living in the North is religious
c. Everyone living in the South is secular
d. The Wonderland’s setting is in the North right after the Civil War

4. Describe the child and/or children most prominently featured in your scenario. You should also describe how they enter into the world.The child will be the youngest of three whose at around the age of 8 or 9, where they children understand what’s going on but are also highly curious.

James was in his fourth grade social studies class learning about the United States Civil War. He was bored in class and decided to go to the bathroom. As he opened the door, he entered Religioie, where President Lincoln declared the Civil War a standstill, where the North and South were no longer at war.