Assignment 17: due Tues 9:55am

As mentioned in class, your annotated bibliography is your main homework. In addition to the criteria on the rubric, please brainstorm theses DURING/ AFTER your readings for the bibliography. Write out three versions of your thesis and post those in response to this blog post.

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  1. Rising water levels will become more of a crisis in the near future for NY due to thermal expansion and proximity to several bodies of water surrounding the city, which requires cutting down on carbon emission to provide a chance for the future of the city.

    Climate change is a worldwide crisis but just one aspect of it, sea level rise in New York is a crisis in itself that requires cutting down carbon emissions to prevent further damage that heat expansion in the ocean causes.

    Rising water levels will become more of a crisis in the near future for NY to the point of massive flood damages, sea walls and last resort, relocation if nothing is done to attempt to solve what ice cap meltings and heat-trapping in the ocean are causing to NY.

  2. 1. College athletes should be paid because they deserve financial recognition for the profit they generate from merchandise as well as the opportunity to pursue their own financial gains. The NCAA’s exploitation of these athletes must stop as it is clear that they have no intentions for the well-being of the student-athletes.

    2. The NCAA should pay college athletes as there are no financial factors that prevent them from doing so and they can help the athletes gain financial stability which may convince them to stay in school longer.

    3. The NCAA needs to pay college athletes in order to halt exploitation so that athletes can be financially stable. This will improve the competition level as there will be less potential scandals which will improve the integrity of collegiate sports.

  3. -The crisis of sleep deprivation has a grave impact on mental health, yet this crisis is unspoken for.
    -Sleep deprivation has a massive effect on our mental health and as a society, we need to address our crisis of sleep deprivation.
    -The unspoken crisis of sleep deprivation will cause further harm to our mental health we think.

  4. The U.S government should put more effort into stopping the opioid epidemic and hold more than just addicts responsible.
    Opioids affect more than just addicts, they affect the country as a whole and deserve more attention.
    The opioid epidemic must be addressed, as the impacts it has on the economy and society as a whole are devestating.

  5. 1) The Amazon effect has served as a catalyst for innovation in the retail industry all while devouring competition as the competition struggle to keep up with Amazon’s innovative, forward-thinking approach, and aggressive business strategies.
    2) The Amazon effect, while being a disruptive entity and element in the retail sector, has fostered innovation at an extreme rate which is ironically becoming detrimental to the retail sector.
    3) The Amazon effect has ushered an abrupt and fast growing change in the retail sector’s supply chain management, pricing techniques, business models, and business approach which is consequentially taking its toll on the business that can’t adapt to changes in the industry.

  6. Invasive species are an environmental crisis that will have a devastating impact on our future, yet is not widely mentioned.

    Invasive species are capable of causing sever damage to their environments, of which can directly affect ways of life for the majority of people.

    Many people’s ways of life will be affected directly and indirectly by the impact invasive species have on their environments.

  7. – The American Education system has been tailored towards one specific student, and is ignoring the others.
    – Our public education system is leaving behind the unique and creative students that have immense potential in their fields of talent.
    – We have to allow our children to seek out their talents, and be awarded for practicing them.

  8. – Plastic pollution is seen as socially acceptabled and because it is deemed as so, plastic has managed to cover most of Earth.
    -Because of mindsets where littering can just be seen as a fine and creating a job, people are unaware of what the actual harm it causes on a larger scale.
    – One plastic bag at sea affects hundreds.

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