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Jeb Enjoys Wall Street Spotlight

When the word first began to leak out that Jeb Bush was considering a run for the nation’s top political office, naysayers wondered about the possibility of Bush fatigue.” And while maybe after seeing his father and brother in the White House, American voters might be ready for a change…but there are many other reasons why Jeb Bush is a strong candidate and the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. Read More +

The Foundation of a Proactive Public Relations Plan

Having a proactive public relations plan will save you a great deal of time and energy. Most companies only implement public relations after a crisis situation. Better late than never, but the early bird definitely gets the worm when it comes to PR. Here are some of the ways in which you can prepare your company up on with a media relations plan that is proactive. – First of all, give a short list of public relations partners that you can trust. Not all PR Read More +

AT&T Penalized for Something we all Do

Here’s what Ronn Torossian had to say about a “mistake” that may cost AT&T tens of millions of dollars, “If you got to this article via social media, you’ve done it. If you have wireless internet or use a smartphone or just about any app for any purpose, you’ve done it too. You know, peripherally, this choice could burn you, but you have become desensitized to it…” Read More +

Growing your Corporations Public Image Through Smart Social Responsibility

More corporations today recognize the link between business and social responsibility. How well a corporate image is publicly presented is the key to expanding business presence. Each year, corporations budget for public relations to help promote the image the companies hope to project to the public and their target markets. It’s difficult to imagine a corporation not understanding the value of a highly effective public relations plan and the impact on corporate public image. This includes embedded corporate visibility and attendance at social and business Read More +

ABC and Yahoo are Friends with Benefits

These days almost every media company is looking for a way to blend traditional and new media content providers. The problem, says Ronn Torossian, is that some competitive companies don’t have the luxury of both. This has led to some interesting corporate partnerships and strategic cases of strange media bedfellows. The latest pair of media brands to renew their vows? ABC News and Yahoo. Read More +

McDonald’s ends critics’ beef with its chicken

Since 1955, when Ray Kroc bought the small McDonald’s burger chain from the brothers of the same name, the company has been a force to be reckoned with in the fast-food industry. But in recent years, the company has seen its profits continue to fall while being outpaced by competitors such as Five Guys and In-n-Out Burger; it has rolled out numerous products, referred to itself as Mickey D’s, and even tried a “Pay with Lovin” promotion that was met with a mild reception at Read More + Read More +

Battling Poverty in Silicon Valley

Reporters have written that the denizens of Silicon Valley are essentially “swimming in gold,” but is that true for everyone in America’s technology Promised Land? Ronn Torossian says, “no.” Less than five miles away from the place where computers and digital tech means massive fortunes, many people still live in abject poverty. Read More +