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Hostess Nails Viral Marketing

It was a joke all along, and most of the Internet fell for it. Recently, Hostess released a meme on social media celebrating the beginning of baseball season. In the meme, a Hostess cupcake was decorated to look like a baseball. The inscription read: “touchdown.” As expected, social media went nuts. Countless denizens of the web could not resist pointing out that “touchdown” is a football term, not a baseball term. Others argued that it was so obvious the caption had to be a joke. Read More + Read More +

Snapchat Apologizes for apps Snafu

Why is social media darling Snapchat offering a sincere mea culpa? That’s an interesting question, and the CEO of 5WPR says that social media has been and will continue to be a working experiment in instant public relations. One wrong tweet can end a career. One minor fracas on Facebook and you no longer have a job-friend-relationship-you name it. Read More +

Relaunch of the new 5WPR website!

(New York – March 28, 2015) – 5W Public Relations, one of the Top 20 PR agencies in the U.S., this week announced the launch of its new website, which is more user-friendly and has an updated look. The award-winning marketing and PR firm represents client-partners in many practice areas, including Travel and Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Apparel and Accessories (also called Lifestyle), Healthcare, Nonprofit, Event Marketing, Social Media, Crisis Communication, Entertainment and Sports Management, Technology, Government Relations and Product Integration. Read More +

Jeb Enjoys Wall Street Spotlight

When the word first began to leak out that Jeb Bush was considering a run for the nation’s top political office, naysayers wondered about the possibility of Bush fatigue.” And while maybe after seeing his father and brother in the White House, American voters might be ready for a change…but there are many other reasons why Jeb Bush is a strong candidate and the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. Read More +

The Foundation of a Proactive Public Relations Plan

Having a proactive public relations plan will save you a great deal of time and energy. Most companies only implement public relations after a crisis situation. Better late than never, but the early bird definitely gets the worm when it comes to PR. Here are some of the ways in which you can prepare your company up on with a media relations plan that is proactive. – First of all, give a short list of public relations partners that you can trust. Not all PR Read More +

AT&T Penalized for Something we all Do

Here’s what Ronn Torossian had to say about a “mistake” that may cost AT&T tens of millions of dollars, “If you got to this article via social media, you’ve done it. If you have wireless internet or use a smartphone or just about any app for any purpose, you’ve done it too. You know, peripherally, this choice could burn you, but you have become desensitized to it…” Read More +