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What is the Return on Investment for a Superbowl Commercial?

The amount of viewers of the Superbowl makes the Superbowl the most expensive place to advertise. For 30 seconds of air time, a company can pay $3.8 million to place an ad where the over 100 million people watching the game will see it. Does such an expensive advertising spot pay off? Advertisement Quality A large part of the success of any advertisement depends on the ad itself. There are good advertisements and bad ones all over television, not just during the Superbowl. $3.8 million Read More +

Cable: Higher Prices and more Competition, how does it Survive?

The New Year dawned with some bad news for both cable companies and cable TV subscribers. If you love your cable TV, you can expect to pay more for the privilege in the coming year. Major carriers including Time Warner, AT&T, UVerse, DirecTV, and others have all telegraphed price increases in the coming year. So, if you have been considering renewing with a promotional deal, now might be the time. But if you’re not, it’s not the end of TV as you know it. The Read More +

The Value of Having Your CEO Blog

Why should a CEO blog? Because it can make all the difference in a company’s success or failure. In today’s Internet economy, establishing an online presence is vital to successfully competing in the marketplace. With more than a million blogs on the Web, not having one can put a company at a serious disadvantage. The CEO is the best person to write the blog for a number of reasons. Knowledge. No one knows more about the company, or should, than the CEO, who runs it. Read More +

Abercrombie Adjusts to a World Moved On

For teens growing up in the late 90s to early 2000s, Abercrombie & Fitch was THE go-to status clothing store. Preppy, sexy and insanely popular. You could lose your “cool” card if you didn’t have an A&F logo emblazoned hoodie in your wardrobe. Preferably several. But, according to sales, critics and, most importantly, KIDS, culture has moved on…and Abercrombie is desperately failing to keep pace. You don’t need to go too far back in your time machine to remember a day when Abercrombie ruled on Read More +

The Foundation of a Strong Social Media Campaign

As social media continues to evolve around both our personal and professional lives, it’s even more important than ever for marketers to have a basic knowledge of how it works. Although social media is a dynamic channel that literally changes everyday, the essential core actually stays the same based on two key principles: networking and communication. Working with the fundamental values of social media will help you to adapt to the inevitable changes in the industry as well as help you progress on a professional Read More +

NCAA Championship a Huge PR Win

When Ohio State hoisted the first ever NCAA Playoff National Championship trophy, at that moment, they were far from the only winners. Ronn Torossian breaks it down. We have to start with Ohio State. The Buckeyes’ last national title came on a HIGHLY disputed penalty in double overtime against Miami. Worse, it came in a game that was already, unofficially, over. Everything, that happened after the field was cleared, and the teams came back out, will forever be a matter of public derision and dispute. Read More +

Sony, the Hack and Secrets Revealed

When Sony Co-Chairman Amy Pascal first heard about the hack that brought the massive entertainment and electronics company to the front page of nearly every news outlet in the world, she wasted little time in responding. Coworkers and colleagues were warned of a potential avalanche of embarrassing emails and other communication known to be critical of Sony clients and partner businesses. The time for plugging the dike was over. Damage control was the primary concern. Any bruised egos would need to be mollified, and any Read More +

Saks and the Right to Discriminate

Discrimination is no new topic in either the job market or in public relations. If anything, in recent years the tide has certainly turned against businesses that actively discriminate against certain recognized groups. While that’s not to say it doesn’t happen, as Ronn Torossian reveals, companies tend to pay a higher price than they once did. Still, there are those who want this debate to continue. They argue that employers have every right to choose who they want working for them. Even if that choice Read More +

Biased Officials a Problem for the NCAA

Breaking news on the football front. Those refs you hate really might be biased. At least, that’s the news coming out of the NCAA…and, as Ronn Torossian reports, that news should be ample cause for concern for college sports’ most golden goose. A recently published study presents what it calls the first empirical evidence that “something other than rule infractions” influences referees employed by the largest and most influential athletic conferences. According to the study, conducted by professors at Miami of Ohio and Florida State Read More +

Airstream Still a Dominant Brand in Recreation

Sometimes, brand recognition is as easy as making something so unique and attractive that everyone recognizes it, and so eponymous that nobody even tries to imitate it. That, says 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian, is something that Airstream travel trailers have in spades. RVing has been around almost as long as there have been automobiles. Since the 1930s, people have been taking family trips and going on explorations in “campers.” Then, with the advent of the interstate system and a flourishing middle class in the 1950s, Read More +