Revising Attitudes

Honestly, I did not like the idea of personally revising my own writing. This is because I literally see the mistakes that I made and I am correcting myself. I would say it makes me look a bit stupid. However, I’ve gone into the habit that it is better to better yourself and to see yourself as already perfect. Same thing with writing and the revision process. Dethier makes a great point in the article, the second point that is made in the “Resisting Revision” . Rather than seeking to make it better, we feel that it is already so good because we stayed up for so long lavishing it with our use of diction and rhetoric. However, the truth is that it needs to be revised in order for it to be truly a “success”, (mentioned in point #6). I’ve revised things that I have written in the past countless times. I’ve come to actually like it, because I can see how to make my work simply better. I guess revising, editing, and proofreading do have their differences. It can be seen as ‘layers’ of writing. I feel that revising is the main chunk of the “remodeling” process and editing and proofreading and more of ‘verification’ stages. I think Brock Dethier made some really valid points in his piece of “Revising Attitudes”. He really made his article relatable to the reader, especially those who do not value the idea of revision. All the resistances to revision are great but I specifically would like to relate to the second, fifth, and sixth. I know the feeling of finishing a paper at the morning of the deadline, as it states in the text. The feeling of not wanting to even touch or look at the paper any longer because of the work I had put into it that past night and morning. However, in any piece of work, not just writing, revision is necessary for key success. Which brings me to the next resistance to revision, that revision is a sign of failure. It is all about how the writer takes the criticism that is given by the editor. Sometimes, the harshness of the comments and even the color of the ink (mentioned in the text), can blind you from the positive side of the advice given. However, revision truly constructs a person and their work to the next level and ultimately the greatest. Lastly, I once felt that revision destructed my original piece of writing; because simply, it’s no longer original if it is revised. However, I had come to see that revision actually brings more to the originality of my work and leads me to improve my work in ways I could have never done alone.