Starr Search – Virtual Fair Tutorial for Students

Take a moment to check out the Virtual Career Fair Tutorial on the Starr Search platform:

Quick Tour of Virtual Fairs for Students


How students should best prepare for the virtual fair via Starr Search:

  • Students must update/check their account information prior to the fair and make sure it’s accurate. This information will be pulled to create a mini-profile on the day of the fair that employers can view. This will include the student’s name, graduation date, degree, major, and a headshot.
  • Students must RSVP/press attend – this allows them to participate AND allows employers to see their mini-profile and resume the day of the fair as well as before the fair.
  • Students should add their most up-to-date resume when you RSVP because this is how the employer will have access to them.
  • Employers will have access to send emails to invite students to speak with them during the fair as a way to mark their attendance. They will make this decision based on various filters that are tied to students’ profiles, resumes, and if the student “starred” the employer ahead of time.
  • Students should join this event on a desktop or laptop.  It is not recommended that you join this event on a mobile device.  Be sure to disable pop-up and ad blocker.
  • Students should join the fair by logging onto Starr Search, select Career Fairs & Expos AND change your status (to available) on the day of the event.
  • Students can join multiple chat rooms (up to 5) at the same time to maximize their time at the fair.
  • Students will be able to speak to a Starr Career Development Center staff during the fair through our own chat room. This will be under our “Help and Information” booth. So if students have any questions during the event, they can easily chat with us.

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