Hurdles in the Asian Community

There are several prevalent organizations active in the Chinatown community aimed at serving Asian Americans: EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care, located at 87 Bowery Street, the Chinese-American Planning Council, headquartered at 150 Elizabeth Street, and OCA Asian American Advocates, stationed at 50 Madison Street. These organizations serve their respective community in various ways, from fighting social injustices, to providing simple translation services, or simply offering recreational classes. Nonetheless, all these organizations are faced with challenges that they must overcome to serve their constituents more effectively.

Peter Chang, Community Liaison of EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care

Peter Chang, is the Community Liaison at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care. In his role as Community Liaison, Peter educates Asian Americans about the benefits of various health insurance plans, and provides assistance with applications. In his experiences, Peter believes that one of the biggest problems in Chinatown is people’s over dependence on the Chinese/Asian community which in turn, limits their experiences. Continue reading

News Roundup: In the Asian Community

  • Sephora’s been recently slapped with a lawsuit after deactivating thousands of Asian customers’ accounts following their 20% off sale, charged for racial e-profiling. [The Daily News] 
  • The man responsible for the fatal death of an Asian man pushed onto the tracks in New York City, was arrested earlier this week. [The Guardian]
  • Chinatown buses are under investigation for ‘gun ring’ trafficking. [The New York Post]
  • A nonprofit advocacy group is suing Harvard and the University of North Carolina over allegations that the schools illegally limited admissions for qualified Asian American applicants. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world…

  • Hong Kong protestors are getting restless and violent. [CNN]
  • Five Thai students get detained for the “Hunger Games” salute. [BBC News]

Millennial Voices: Asian Traditions Explained

As you may know, there are certain traditions, or rather, superstitions in the Asian culture. I went around the Baruch community and asked some millennial Asian Americans to share some of the common traditions that they practice at home, things like taking off their shoes before entering someone’s home or traditional dishes they like to eat. Here are some their responses.

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