News Roundup: In the Asian Community

  • Sephora’s been recently slapped with a lawsuit after deactivating thousands of Asian customers’ accounts following their 20% off sale, charged for racial e-profiling. [The Daily News] 
  • The man responsible for the fatal death of an Asian man pushed onto the tracks in New York City, was arrested earlier this week. [The Guardian]
  • Chinatown buses are under investigation for ‘gun ring’ trafficking. [The New York Post]
  • A nonprofit advocacy group is suing Harvard and the University of North Carolina over allegations that the schools illegally limited admissions for qualified Asian American applicants. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world…

  • Hong Kong protestors are getting restless and violent. [CNN]
  • Five Thai students get detained for the “Hunger Games” salute. [BBC News]

Memoirs of a Global Citizen: Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling Abroad

James Wong, a 20-year-old international business major at Baruch College, hopes in his career to explore many different cultures aside from his own personal background. As a team member of AIESEC, a global ambassador, and an Asian American, Wong has found a way to express his heritage while traveling across Eastern Europe and experiencing different cultures.

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Made in America: What Does It Mean to be Asian American?

Has the Asian culture been uprooted when the first generation of Asians immigrated to the US? As Asian Americans, we brand ourselves with Asian roots blended with American culture but the average millennial New York Asian American is slowly losing touch with their cultural roots than earlier generations, a trend that writers have recently identified. Bloggers like Phil Yu, also known as the Angry Asian Man, rants about the blatant discrimination towards Asian American in everyday scenarios but what exactly does being Asian American entail? Marq Hwang shares his perspective of “What Does It Mean To Be Asian American?” in the Huffington Post, where he makes an interesting remark, about the Asian in Asian American.

To be Asian American, you start to realize that you put more and more of yourself in the American category, and you view the Asian as a slight spin, like Irish, Newyorican, German. … Your blood might have come from overseas, but your heart started beating here.

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