Divorce rate rises as economy improves

Divorce rate rises as economy improves

I was planning to write about the divorce rate and why people get divorced, but could not find any decent video.  Then I stumbled over the above video.  I find it very interesting how economic and financial challenges could influence a couple who decided not to be together any more, to continue living together.  They got divorced but had to stay in the same house because of the housing crash. After spending some time in the same house they got back together and plan to remarry again. This is an exceptional divorce situation in my opinion. But there are many different cases of divorce.

There are many different reasons why people get divorced; it could be financial problems, unfaithfulness to each other, and could be love, which has disappeared in time, lack of sexual relations and many more.

As our text book says, today, 51% of American women are divorced. I think it is very sad but life becomes more complicated every day. I believe if there is an unhealthy relationship then divorce is a better cure of the problem. Better to avoid violence over financial problems or other misunderstandings than keep the relationship together. Divorce is a huge process, where couples have to go through a lot of steps together; separation of wealth and  assets, child custody and many little details related to their relationship.

Financial problems lately have become much of the reason for divorce. People get married for the wrong reasons and that is what causes divorce in many cases. I read another article where someone wanted to get divorced in six months. When the attorney asked why he got married in the first place, he said it was because he wanted to save on car insurance. This to me sounds absurd; it is a most bizarre reason to get married. I don’t think people understand the real meaning of marriage anymore. Marriage is when two people are sure they want to share their lives together, based on love, understanding and respect. If one of these three aspects is missed in the relationship, it will be very hard to keep it together.

In conclusion, it is unfortunate that families have to go thru divorce but better than being in “bad” relationship. Also it becomes not as much problem lately to be divorced then in earlier times when people only whispered or did not even mentioned the situation. But I believe again this is the life we live now, that we are not prevented from future consequences.

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  1. ba104611 says:

    In response to the above comment, divorces are happening because of various reasons. I have also read somewhere people get married for immigration status. This is shame to our society that people are getting married for particular reasons other than love relationship. Divorce rates are getting higher because of economy downfall, unemployment, standard of living and various issues. But I guess the real marriage meaning is to share the love, sorrows together. I also do not understand why people leave each other at the times of difficulty.

    Divorces around the world has increased. I think there should be some measures to prevent the marriages. People spend good amount to get married and there should be some solutions to save the marriage.

    We live in a world of technology where people are coming together but it is unfortunate that divorces rates going higher.

  2. lv106339 says:

    I believe that the main reason couple are getting divorce nowadays is the fact that they’re getting married wait too soon. For a couple to take on the responsability of a marriage there has to be a base as a couple, that involves living together and sharing responsabilities. A lot of young people decide to get married without having had enough expererience as a couple, being this the main reason of their divorce. i don’t think divorce is a bad thing if it’s going to avoid years of unhapiness and especially when there are children involved. Down the road, the most affected ones by a divorce are the kids.

    I’m from Peru and in our society, living together as a couple without being married is considered morally wrong. I’m completely against that but for the peruvian society couple should get married before they start to live together. I strongly believe living together helps to get the other person a lot better than living separate. The hardest part of being married is getting along with the other person on a daily bases. Living together definately helps impoving communication among couple and prevents a marriage from failing.

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