American Dream

Bill Gates Biography: Sultan Of Software

This video is about Bill Gates’  biography, but today I do not want to  introduce how smart he is, how he built Microsoft, or how he made his business successful. What I want to say is that People always have chance to change his classes like Bill Gates who move from middle class to upper class.

The United States generally divided into people into four classes, Upper class which means a group of people who have income and prestige and who own vast amounts of property and other forms of wealth, such as owners of large corporations, top financiers, rich celebrities and politicians and members of prestigious families. Middle class, which is the social group between the upper and working classes. Working class, which is the social group consisting of people who are employed for wages, for example, in manual or industrial work, and the poor ,which is in society stratified by social class, a group of people who work for minimum wage or are chronically unemployed .However, in American, people are not simply stay in one class, they may move from one class to another through their own efforts which we can call it as social mobility ,or we can simply  call it as the American Dream.

People can be successful through their own hard work, courage, creativity and determination, which can help people from a particular social class upper level social class. The “American Dream” has inspired a lot of peooke create their own value. But in recent years, because of the the continued weakness of the U.S. economy and social issues, the hearts of many people of the “American dream” is being broken.

However, the story like Bill Gates, become a new idol of the “American dream”. By virtue of his own wisdom, he made billions of dollars. His story seems to indicate that as long as people are the wisdom and genius, they also can be successful in the United States.



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2 Responses to American Dream

  1. Fan Fan Chen says:

    In general, the symbol of “American Dream” is objectively having the ability to buy a big house in the United States, especially for the huge new immigrants, who has to start over again in a new strange country and give up whatever she/he ever had the status/class in the home country… it really seems likely a dream. The first hard part is the language, and then the knowledge of America social norms, which all are symbol of culture. They may struggle and conflict with the difference between the two. If they can take over new, which may depends on his/her age, character and attitude of motivation, the level of education background and so on. Another confliction may be the role of confliction. How he/she balances his/her several of responsibilities or duties to take, such as work, study, family or social networking expanding or self-relax time ( just a nice rest)… All are micro factor of difficulty to achieve the American Dream.
    How about our Macro circumstance? The Current global recession with common low rate of unemployed, consumers have no confidence on purchasing. Meanwhile, everything is charged more because of the higher transportation costs, due to the hyper oil fees, which badly made the business running lack of competitive.
    However, thank you for bringing the case of Bill Gates. His is definitely a model but unfortunately his won’t work for every genius to approach the wealth and effectively moves up their social class dreamily. Besides talent, those people may also need some lucky or more, which means an essential chance to let them do something special as trigger to their success. God knows when that chance is coming but we only need to prepare whatever we can do like what Gates did. And when, hopefully that chance can come in time.

  2. lv106339 says:

    The American dream is what most immigrants know as consolidating a better future in the United States. As an immigrant, I’ve accomplished some of my goals but i’m not quite there yet. One of the hardest part of moving here was learning the language, at some point i was really frustrated because i thought i was never going to understand what eveyone else was saying. But through a lot of dedication and determination, I got over the language barrier and I can finally say i’m bilingual.The american dream, to some individuals, is buying a house, having an stable job and getting married and having a lovely family. My american dream consists of graduating from College, getting an MBA and PHD, although one never stops learning, acquiring as much knowledege as one can is the best thing to do not only in this society but in any other society. America is the best place to accomplish any dream you have as long as you’re persistent in what your doing. The opportunities are on the table and it’s up to us, as immigrants, to take advantage of them.

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