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16 and Pregnant

MTV’s 16 and pregnant is a very popular tv reality show launched in 2009 that reveals real life footage of the struggle of young pregnant teens in America. The show depicts certain aspects of the lives of these pregnant teens pretty well when they talk about the different problems that will result in the baby’s birth, like who will take care of it, will the dad stay and how will they afford to raise it. But the show does not depict teen pregnancy completely since they only show teens whose families are willing to accept having their daughter pregnant at such a young age. In reality, most families either kick out their children once they find out that their kid is pregnant or has gotten someone pregnant. The show fails to follow the teens that are not allowed to live in their parents houses and try  to hold down a job to raise a baby, whose dad is probably not even there to support it.

This show is popular because it is an issue that most teens are surrounded by because of society. Teens learn about sex and pregnancy at a fairly early age in America as a mandatory class at school. Not to mention that American teenage society is fairly sexual therefore making the topic of sex and pregnancy strongly appealing.

In the episode, Jenelle realizes that being a mother is very difficult at a young age as she meets and also does not meet certain requirements for motherhood. One of the main conflicts that will occur when she gives birth to her baby is balancing her roles as a “teen” and also a “mother”. This role conflict is challenging since the two are not very similar, teenagers are rebellious and seek the freedom of adulthood without having actual responsibility. While mothers are bombarded by responsibility from their work and taking care of their kids. Role conflict can be very difficult and often leads to wrong decisions and not fulfilling the certain duties of a specific role.

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  1. nayeeb.fahmi says:

    It is really a very difficult task indeed. I feel bad for this teenage mom, the problem would be even more severe for that kid. That baby might have to grow up without dad, this situation would hugely traumatize his/her mind.

  2. yn138039 says:

    Pregnancy and Abortion among Teens has become an important matter of discussion in our society and always going to be in the media and newspaper. people would hear about a story of a young girl getting pregnant. There will always be issues in the society because so many people worry about the teenage’s behavior. teenage pregnancy as wrong and irresponsible because they are too young as parents will facing financial difficultly, socially disadvantaged or unable to raise their baby.
    when teenage Pregnant, they will lost a lot of things that they never think about, No more education, no more friends, no more entertainment. their life will be how to raise a bay and find a stable job.
    There are many different situations that teenagers get themselves involved in that can lead to pregnancy. Many teenagers do not understand the risks when they pregnant, Teenagers today are growing up in the society which has unmarried sexual relationship and divorce are common, they will think about nothing is irresponsible. From other side, they do not understand what is responsibility for their actions.
    I think schools should give more education program for teens that provide ways for them to avoid sexual activity at such a young age. Teaching them how to become a responsbile person and tell them about teens pregnancy’s risks in order to reduce teenage pregnancy.

  3. mv149818 says:

    I have to admit, I’ve watched several of 16 and Pregnant’s episodes and was shocked to what was being shown on national television. I know that the main idea of the show is to depict all the hardships these young mothers had to go through during and after their pregnancy but let’s face it- its just another reality tv show. The reality television show compacts and airs half hour to one hour episodes of the girl’s lives as young moms. The show clearly downplays the tremendous impact of actually getting pregnant and having a baby. More specifically, the show tends to focus more on relationship issues between the mother and either the mom, dad, boyfriend, best friend, etc. Being under MTV production, not much difference could have been expected anyways.. its hit shows such as The Hills, The Real World, and Laguna Beach are mainly constructed from petty drama within family and friends. Nevertheless, 16 and Pregnant doesn’t exactly teach young American girls to practice abstinence or even safe sex. I seem to think its more of like “I got pregnant, it was tough but if an idiot like myself got through it..so can you”.

    Becoming a teen mom is a major change- one that I can’t even begin to fully imagine. Shows such as 16 and Pregnant and celebrity teen mothers like Bristol Palin and Jamie Spears have many people worried and nervous that they might be glamorizing teenage pregnancy. Although stats show that teen pregnancy is fortunately on a decline, we don’t need anymore spotlight and celebration on the topic! Instead, we should continue to educate young girls (and boys) about our having protection when being sexually active.

  4. lv106339 says:

    When a teenager discovers she is pregnant, often the first reaction is to panic and worry. What will I do? Abort? Or should I keep the baby? How will this affect my relationship with the father, my family and friends? Relationships aren’t always easy. Some are very special and meant to last forever. Others aren’t so good, and need to be let go of. But, when a baby becomes involved in any kind of relationship, things change, and life can get a little more complicated.
    Understanding the purpose of life and the different kinds of relationships we can have is important. We each have our own special mission in life. And we each have our own way of finding it. The first step is having open discussions with parents and teachers about sex and what’s involved in it. The mayority of teenager that get pregnant do not plan it, it happens because of the lack of communication with adults regarding an active sexual life. Our society should be more open discussing sex with teenager given that this is one of the way we can prevent unwanted pregnacies from ocurring thus preventing abortion.

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