Digital Project

My digital project was based on a theme “life isn’t a game”. The end product of my “animation” was not as great as I thought it would be. I hoped the product to be more smooth as the sample videos, but with my drawing talent, it was really hard for me to draw in the first place. After few trials of the first two scenes, I remembered what I said in the class. I remember saying, “I can draw as in like copying” so I googled every single stick figure motions to draw those. When I first drew the scene, I had to redraw the stick figures about five times to look as it is now. Before revisions, the stick figures were unbelievably awkward.

In the video, I used the concept of parallel universe. Parallel universe is basically a mirror image of oneself but very different because it’s the outcome of the other possibility. Hard to explain but it’s pretty self-explanatory with the words. The left side is with the version of a person treating life as a game, the right side is a basically the version of succeeding. Later on, they both face a same problem, and their capabilities of facing problems are different.

music – Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto


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