“The Honey Bear”- Eileen Myles: Digital Essay

As I said in class the day that we shared our video ideas in class, I originally planned both my essay and video to be completely different. After a brief conversation via email with Myles, however, I realized that I was not using the poem how Myles wrote it to be interpreted. Originally, I was trying to find a figurative/symbollic meaning, but then Myles told me that the poem was written very literally. After this I decided to focus more on the way the Myles uses language and how the way that she uses music affects the reader. ┬áIn my essay though, I still analyze the deeper meaning that I get from the poem; as Myles suggested when i asked her about the purpose “The question is what do you see. Does it matter?… We all see different.”

In my digital essay I chose to kind of combine my original video idea with something more related to my new thesis. This project was difficult for me because I had a hard time finding something that would both encapsulate my thesis and also be entertaining. My slide show presents pictures that I took while walking around the city. Every picture has some form of words or writing in it. Many of these signs or pieces might go unnoticed by a normal passer-by. When you slow down and think about it though, all language has a purpose. Whether it applies to you or not is a personal issue, but everything does have a purpose; from a simple street sign that informs drivers of the speed limit on FDR Drive, to graffiti on the scaffolding in Soho, to the handwritten notes on the Brooklyn Bridge. Everything is there to serve a certain purpose whether it be general information or personal expression.

Ps: I’m sorry for the horrible music but my original audio wouldn’t upload with my video for some reason and this was my only option. I’m going to try to fix it by Wednesday, but until then bare with me please!

And without further ado, my digital essay:



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