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“The Honey Bear”- Eileen Myles: Digital Essay

As I said in class the day that we shared our video ideas in class, I originally planned both my essay and video to be completely different. After a brief conversation via email with Myles, however, I realized that I … Continue reading

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Troubles with paper #4

Honestly, I don’t like this paper. Probably because I don’t like poetry too much I guess. While writing my first draft, I decided to email the author of my poem. To my surprise she responded. She didn’t answer my questions … Continue reading

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Poetry Reading: Jane Day & Larry Fagin

On Wednesday I went to a poetry reading at the Poetry Project in St. Marks. Jane Day and Larry Fagin both read some of their pieces. For me, poetry is kind of hard to understand especially just by hearing it … Continue reading

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Alright, Plot Twist.

I was originally planning on writing and creating my digital essay about Baraka’s “Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note” but after procrastinating writing this post all day by watching Eileen Myles videos, I’m jumping ship. Watching her speak and … Continue reading

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Black Art

Amiri Baraka’s “Black Art” is really a kind of vulgar poem. It is a very busy poem and Baraka seems to jump around a lot. I feel like I am listening to some vent about all of their frustrations in … Continue reading

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A Little Lost

The poems that we were assigned to read for class tomorrow were kind of difficult for me to read. I feel that I was able to get the main story/point of the piece but it was hard for me to … Continue reading

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Makey Makey

In class today, we obviously worked with the Makey Makey. At first, Eli and I really had no clue what we wanted to make. My problem with brainstorming for our invention was that I really couldn’t grasp the infinite opportunities … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to look up

Going back to California during Winter break I realized that one of the things I miss most about home (also one of the things I didn’t even think about missing) was driving. In California, unlike New York, getting your drivers … Continue reading

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Wannabe New Yorker

Since my first semester freshman year of high school I was always OBSESSED with New York. I wouldn’t say thats necessarily an uncommon obsession. There is so much about New York to fall in love with. But the weird thing … Continue reading

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