Dracula final

Thought these chapters we get to see how things end with Dracula. Draculas demonstrates more characteristics of being evil. He sees that Mina is still suffering the lose of Lucy and still attacks her. As Mina slowly starts to feel the cruse of Dracula she comes to a decision that she was willing to sacrifice […]

 Dracula chapters VIII-IX (pp. 93-119)

In chapters VIII-IX we see the a dramatic change in Lucy’s personality. In the beginning she is seen as an innocent girl with childish tenacities. However she her personality changes due the the bit that Dracula put upon her. She refused to get examined and thought this doesn’t seem significant during this time women were […]

 “Monster Culture” (Seven Theses)

The Monster Culture talks about how a monster isn’t that simple. There is this complexity that exist that is depended on culture.  Depending what is going on including the environment. Monsters are meant to scary a certain group of people and depending on the culture some monsters aren’t scary because in some environments they are seen that […]

 Dracula chapters I-VII (pp. 11-92)

What I found so impactful was how descriptive Harker was when describing what is going on. Also, the way the book is structure in letters I think it creates this short of imagery that is hard to achieve. In chapter 1 when Harker first got to Transylvania it was confusing to me why everyone wouldn’t tell […]

 Kabuliwala pp. 873-878

Kabuliwala made me better understand that we are so much alike then we liked to admit. The story was interesting in  how they have different the characters are however at the end they all become connected. With Abdur, Rahman,and Mini they all have different characteristics however at the end their differences are what makes them similar.I […]

Punishment pp. 863-873

What I found really interesting is that in page 865 where they talk about how “whenever there are two or more eyewitnesses to an event or a crime, even their most truthful accounts of what happened differ fundamentally from each other.” I never really thought about this because I thought the accounts would be the […]

The Merchant of Venice

Act 3 Scene 2 – Act 4 In the beginning of Act 3 seane 2 when Portia is giving her monologue, I found it interesting in the type of wording she used to describe how wary Bassanio should be when choosing a casket. Portia says “Pause a day or two.Before you hazard, for in choosing […]

The Merchant of Venice

Act 2 Scene 2 – Act 3 Scene 1 Throughout reading more into the play you start to rather a better understanding of who the characters are and why they make certain decisions. For instance, when it can to Launcelot in Act 2 Scene 2 leaving Shylock it was due to the fact that he […]