Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Another presidential hopeful takes a look at climate change.

This article written by Laurence Kotlikoff, economist and current presidential hopeful, examines the climate change policies of his far more known presidential opponents Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump.

Mr. Kotlikoff first debates his opponents plan, when one exists, Donald Trump doesn’t have one as he does not believe climate change is a concern. Trump’s stance is that climate change is a “hoax” and that humans play little role in carbon emissions. When addressing Clinton’s climate change policy or policies because there are plenty proposals -Mr. Kotlikoff deems them all as essentially unfeasible. However, Mr. Kotlikoff has developed a plan that I (kind of) support…TAXES!! Tax the emissions and the culprits (energy suppliers) mainly will develop their own mechanism by which to decrease emissions so that they wouldn’t have to pay absorbent amounts in taxes.

“Having a high, but declining carbon tax rates gives dirty-energy producers the right incentives to burn dirty energy slowly.” … “The short-run tax rate needs to be very high and fall substantially through time to give dirty energy suppliers real pause in conducting a fast, rather than slow burn.”

  1. What if the energy companies raise their consumer prices to combat these taxes? (Usually the quickest fix)
  2. What if the population was tasked with decreasing emissions? Would the sale and productions of cars be limited? Would the amount of daily flights an airline can provide be decreased?
  3. What if the next president really likes Mr. Kotlikoff’s plan and puts it in place- Are there rules for payment for implementing an idea of your opponents during your presidency?

Author: Tami Theodore


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