Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Kids Suing Government Over Climate Change May Get a Trial

The simultaneously great and unfortunate factor about climate change is that it occurs slowly. Great, because though the earth’s temperature has greatly increased and all can feel it, the fallout has been rather bearable for most. Unfortunately, without a sense of urgency, the government tends to delay policies and regulations on the contributing factors. Well, ::Cue in Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World” song:: Kids, well adults making use of  those angelic faces, have decided to take matter into their own hands as they will be around for the increased wildfires, extremely high sea levels, and intensely smoggy air.

These “kids” hope to get their case to the Supreme court in hopes of the atmosphere being ruled a “public trust” which means it is property that the government must care for the welfare of the public good. If the suit advances to the Supreme Court, Winning will require the federal government to address climate change more aggressively through laws and regulations.


Author: Tami Theodore


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