Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Op-ed: “How Trump ‘absolutely’ corrupts the GOP”

This article from the Washington Post does a great job I believe at grabbing the attention of Democrats and Republicans alike. The bulk of the Op-ed is not directly about Donald Trump but rather about the New Hampshire senate race between R-Kelly Ayotee and D-Maggie Hassan. In short, Republican senate candidate was asked would she consider Donald Trump as a role model for her kids, to which she initially replied “…absolutely”. The following day her campaign released a statement saying she “misspoke.” During our class with Thomas Edsall I mentioned a comment she made a few months ago which was that she would “support” Trump, but she would not “endorse” him. Though we clarified in class that this meant that Trump would get her vote but she would not be seen at any of his events, it’s still a tad confusing.  The article goes on to express the writer’s belief on the effect the GOP candidate has on the Republican party and the benefit that this “flip-floppiness” for lack of a better term lends to a Democratic campaign.

Author: Tami Theodore


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