Andreas Feininger | Midtown Manhattan (1940)

Andreas Feininger (1906 – 1999) 

Silver Gelatin Print (Printed Later). Edition 16/35. 40 x 30 inches.

Gift. Information and Technology Bldg, Floor 3


Taken from miles away to truly capture the monumental scale of the towering buildings, Andreas Feininger, with his telephoto lens, photographs the rectilinear skyline of Midtown, Manhattan. In this night shoot, Feininger relies on the city’s continuous work schedule for light: offices glowing, illuminating the center of the island, creating a phenomenon as natural as the midnight sun. Feininger gives the viewer the opportunity to fully take-in the overwhelmingness of the cityscape while acknowledging each individual structure. And, what the viewer cannot see, hidden in the shadows, the depth, and mood, is just as intriguing as what exists in the light. This frozen moment, beautifully composed, captures the tantalizing effect of Midtown’s immensity.

Text and audio by Jason Cyrano Brown, MA Arts Administration. Audio mixing by Madeline Pollis, MA Arts Administration.

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