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“Boulevard of Death” Gives Community New Life

Canal Street has four of them. Houston has six. Interstate 9, better known as the West Side Highway, can have as many as 10, but that still pales in comparison to another New York City native. With a whopping 16 lanes at its peak, Queens Boulevard dwarfs these trails and still has room to spare. […]

New York City Bike Lanes: Safe Route or Danger Zone?

For some, riding a bike is a hobby, a method of relaxation; for others it is a daily, relied upon mode of transportation. With the rise in popularity of bike riding and the influx of bike lanes popping up around the city, inexperienced riders, unlawful riders, uninformed drivers, and unaware pedestrians have given rise to […]

Bedford-Atlantic Armory Homeless Gym

As it stands now, the Bedford-Atlantic Armory presents a conflict within Crown Heights. However, if New York City has its way, it may become a bigger conflict in the community. The Armory is a single-male, homeless shelter located on the corner of Atlantic and Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It is a well known […]

125th Street Still “Change”-less Months After Obama Election

Stepping above ground at 125th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue in Harlem, James Brown’s hit, Payback plays loudly on a vendor’s neon green stereo, African women dressed in brightly patterned garments persistently chirping, “hair braiding, we braid hair,” and a brand new Starbucks bustles with folks craving a caffeine high. Harlem’s 125th Street is set […]

S.P.U.R.A: A 40-Year-Old Conflict That Won’t Go Away

“I think if we have affordable housing, specifically low-income housing, it will be problematic,” said Ann Bobco, a Lower East Side resident since 1986 and a former member of Community Board 3 in the late ‘90’s. “We will be dropped into the midst of “ghettoization.” Her husband, Bill Wuertz, also a 23 year Lower East […]

Park Plans Threaten Community Garden

Spend a Saturday or Sunday at Two Coves Community Garden for a day of fun-filled activities for all to enjoy run by local Astoria residents. There is live music, a potluck, an instrument-making workshop for indoor composting, soil workshops, recipe sharing, and a chance to plant daffodil bulbs. Two Coves is a 25,000 square-foot triangular […]

Housing Dreams Defer in Bushwick

Across neighborhoods in Brooklyn, peaceful dreams are being interrupted. James Nowello is a Brooklyn resident from Bushwick who like most homeowners is dealing with the consequences of a declining housing market. In the mid-2000s Bushwick, Brooklyn was experiencing a huge foreclosure crisis. As of late 2008, it was one of the highest rated foreclosed neighborhoods […]

The Fight for Affordable Housing

Gone are many of the old historic buildings in Chinatown, replaced by modern high rise condos. These sleek new apartment buildings stand out sharply against the streets. The condos are seemingly out of place with their glass doors, studio lighting, and security cameras. It is a sharp contrast to the old buildings surrounding them. The […]

Busy Clinic Closing Door

Above the multi-colored bench, where a group of fidgeting tweens sit waiting for their names to be called, there is a notice. Across a crowded toddler play area, where parents sit, there is a heated discussion among some of them. “May 5th is the last day to request medical histories,” one mother says. A baby […]

The Last Crusade – Spiritual Barometry in Downtown Manhattan

  The Last Crusade  Spiritual Barometry in Downtown Manhattan By Daniel Berman       The May rain pours down in droves as the two dark-suited men shuffle west on Wall Street. It appears to freeze mid-fall against the burst of camera flashes surrounding the Trinity Church, and drops quietly thereafter.

Homeowners sacrifice peace for rent payments

Families of varying races, from the large populations of Hispanics and whites, to the smaller Asian and black demographics, live mostly in one- and two-family houses in Woodhaven, Queens. To a person unfamiliar with the area, it would come across as suburban compared to the western end of Queens near Manhattan; very few apartment buildings […]

Disturbing the Avenue N Peace

Normally standing in front of the Avenue N strip mall, police officers flocked to a dispute around the corner at Original’s II Pizzeria, on a chilly day in February. Once out of sight, the children piling down the street from local junior high school, Roy H. Mann took it as their cue to release their […]

Bensonhurst: Sluggish Business in the Auto Industry

Everybody knows about the trouble in Detriot. But do you know about the trouble in Bensonhurst? A deli that has been in the neighborhood for ten years is closing down. Eckard has been remodeled into a thrift shop that sells clothes eighty percent off. Even gas stations are closing, leaving behind a sign reading “land […]