The Art-A-Thon I decided to go to was the Flashmob with Dr. Aldemaro Romero. At first, I was confused about why the location said: “at the corner of 24th street and Lexington Avenue” and why it wasn’t being held in a classroom but then it made complete sense. As I walked out of the vertical campus building I was surprised to see a cameraman capturing the Samba dance, Professor Gisele Regatao was showing the audience. Professor Gisele, was in the moment and enjoying the, what it seemed like “Portuguese” music, and teaching step by step on how to dance this famous dance routine from Brazil. It was funny to see how people were trying to get these complicated steps in one try yet amazing how it attracted many races to give it a try. After trying to figure out the steps, I still couldn’t manage to get a complete small routine, it was too embarrassing I had to walk out and enjoyed the 3 professors dance and enjoy their Samba dance routine they had planned.

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