New York Minute

I decided to do my New York minute on Washington square. I was over in the park the other day waiting to meet with a friend and as I was sitting there I noticed there was a lot going on at once. Singers performing in different parts of the park, someone making art on the floor with nothing but bags of powdered chalk by their side. Many people strolled through the park, whether it be tourists or young students. I’ve been to Washington square quite a few times but I think it’s a really great place to stop by if you’ve never been to it. Especially if you go in the summertime, there is a large fountain in the center of the park that gets turned on and keeps everyone cool during the hot summer days. Within the park there is many little green fields that you can sit at or have a picnic there. There’s also a dog park inside so if you have a dog of your own you’re more than welcome to go in there. The atmosphere of the park in general is very lively and you can always take a seat and people watch and just enjoy your surroundings. If you wanna check out Washington square it’s located over by West 4th st by NYU.

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