The start

Basically meet me! I have really enjoyed the past few weeks although before coming to NY I was a little unsure as to how the people would be and whether I would be able to adjust to a drastically different culture but my worries were in vain. The people here are really nice; they are actually normal people with lots of similarities to me. I am happy in the place that i am sure will be my home for many years to come.

I am really lucky because I got such a great LC with such excellent people and good professors; my classmates are really the right sort of people and judge me for who I am, not by the color of my skin or where I come from. I keep harping on the fact that I have really nice classmates but its true!

I am a little concerned about the upcoming semester in terms of finals, exams e.t.c because this is still a new system for me but I am sure that these worries will vanish, time will fly and soon I will be looking upon my freshman semester with a great deal of nostalgia.

In the end, I hope that the friends that all of us are going to make in these first few months stick with us and that these initial acquaintances blossom into beautiful friendships that last a lifetime.

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One Response to The start

  1. Justin says:


    I’m glad to see you’ve adjusted so well to New York. That’s actually surprising because of how hectic this city is. There are days when everything seems to have been sped up a notch and I get a little more agitated than I would like. But certainly you’ll be able to meet a great number of new, interesting people, and forge lots of friendships. I wonder what clubs you’d be interested in joining. I’m not sure if you’re involved with any club this semester, but considering joining one I’d be interested to hear which one(s) you’re thinking about.

    Also, I hope you make great friendships within the LC. Unfortunately when the semester ends so does the LC. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t remain friends with each other. Keep in touch with the rest of the LC and with enough initial effort you can build and maintain some awesome friendships that may very well last a lifetime. Good luck for the remainder of the semester!

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