and the semester goes on…

ok.. lots of things to talk about this time. Had lots of different experiences this time around. Learned (barely) how to eat with chopsticks, helped an old woman cross the street (i thought that only happened in movies), went to a handball court, watched two movies while paying for only one and… watched a girl cry at the ending of a movie!! Have also learned to very carefully watch the street even if the pedestrian sign is on; nearly got crushed by a taxi while rushing to school one day.

I remember the first day of classes and it seems only a second ago i was sitting in the freshman orientation and here we are almost four months later; time seems to have flown by. I guess the next three and a half years will go by just as quickly. Classes are going good; things aren’t that difficult.

One thing that i’m learning is that tim management is really important in college and i have to learn how to synchronise my time and make sure that everything gets done in time. This is perhaps going to be my biggest challenge for the next semester; planning rather than just “winging” it.

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