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You might know steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, baked dumpling, or even soup dumplings. But have you ever heard of Zongzi, or the Sticky Rice Dumpling?
We are here to help you get an insight!
Are you ready to explore the world of Zongzi? Let’s begin with what Zongzi really is.


Zongzi, which is also known as Rice Dumpling or Sticky Rice Dumpling, is a symbolic food with a long historical standing in China for the Dragon Boat Festival.

“Zongzi are traditionally eaten during the Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival), which falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar (approximately late-May to mid-June).”


Wikipedia said, it is “a traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo, reed, or other large flat leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling.”

In fact, it is a very famous food in Asia which has spread through the continent from north to south, from east to west. You can see the habit of eating Zongzi at many Asian countries including Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and etc.As time passes, Zongzi has changed from a traditional style to a modern style. In addition, the selection of leaves, the method of wrapping, and the ingredients of filling can vary according to flavors.

Thus, besides telling the Origin And History of Zongzi and providing some Edible Tips , we also present four unique types of Zongzi (the traditional one from Beijing, from Guangdong; one representing the Modern; and one from a foreign country-Malaysia) to help you understand Zongzi from many different aspects!