Just keep in mind…


Although stick rice dumpling is a very delicious food, it’s important to eat safely and healthily. Thus, to help you enjoy your stick rice dumplings, here are some tips for the storage and consumption.

1. Refrigerate the Sticky Rice Dumpling

Since the main ingredient of stick rice dumpling is glutinous rice, bean paste, and meat, it is very easy to spoil in the hot summer weather. Thus it’s very important to stored the stick rice dumplings in a cool place.

According to their packaging and preservation, the stick rice dumplings in the market are roughly classified into three categories: fresh, frozen, and vacuum-packed. Fresh stick rice dumplings are best eaten on the same day they are bought, otherwise they must be preserved in the refrigerator. Both frozen and vacuum-packed ones can be stored for a longer period of time, and can be eaten within their label shelf life. However, it’s not suggested to eat a refrigerated stick rice dumpling that’s stored more than a week.

2. Heat the Sticky Rice Dumpling before eating

Stick rice dumplings should be heated before consumption. Since glutinous rice and the stuffings inside can go bad easily if not being taken good care of, it’s significant to heat the rice dumpling thoroughly before eating.

In addition, cold sticky rice dumpling are too oily and too sticky, which makes it more likely to cause indigestion.

3. Do NOT eat too much Sticky Rice Dumpling in a day

Bear in mind that glutinous rice is a food that’s with low fiber and high amylopectin – which makes it very sticky and difficult to digest. Thus, to avoid indigestion, it’s better not to eat more than one sticky rice dumpling per day, especially for those whom has gastrointestinal diseases.

4. Tea might be a good condiment

Drinking tea helps swallowing and digesting. With a filling of meat, ham, etc, meat sticky rice dumpling contains plenty of oil. Drinking tea not only helps digesting stick rice dumplings but also decrease the greasy feeling. It’s okay to eat along with some vegetables as well.


For your convenience…


The process of making rice dumpling is relatively complex and people nowadays do not like to spend that much time on making it. Therefore, frozen rice dumplings enter the market. People now can easily find frozen rice dumplings in Chinese supermarkets, grocery store, bakeries and fast food restaurants.

1. Ways of Cooking Frozen Rice Dumplings

  • Method #1:
    – Unfreeze the rice dumpling
    – Add some water where it can cover half of the rice dumpling
    – Put the rice dumpling in when the water is boiled and wait for 15-20 minutes
  • Method #2:
    – Add some water to the pot
    – Put in the food steamer
    – When the water is boiled, put in the rice dumpling and let it cook for 15-20 minutes

* Time is flexible, depends on the size of the rice dumpling
* Don’t unwrap the rice dumpling when you boiled it

2. Observe the cooked rice dumpling closely to determine whether it’s ready for consumption

a. Look at the appearance. Wrapping leaves will turn dark yellow when it is in high temperature.
b. Smell the rice dumpling. Normally the brown leaves have a strong fresh scent after cooking.
c. Look at the water. The water that is used to cook the frozen rice dumpling will turn yellow.