The culture of rice dumpling is spread through Asia. Nowadays you can see rice dumplings in many different places besides China. Along with cultural diffusion, transformations of rice dumpling take place. Thus, in order to provide a better insight of rice dumpling, we pick four distinct types of rice dumplings that are similar but unique. Beijing Zongzi and Cantonese Zongzi are perfect illustration of traditional styled rice dumplings in China, with the former one standing for the a sweet flavor in the North and the latter representing the salty flavor in the South. Crystal Zongzi is a transformation from the traditional rice dumpling and acts as a symbol of modern styled rice dumpling. Meanwhile, with a very distinguished wrapping and stuffing, Malaysian Zongzi is the one we pick to demonstrate the difference between the rice dumpling of China and of another Asian country.

The North

Beijing Zongzi

The South

Cantonese Zongzi

The Modern Times

Crystal Zongzi

The Foreignness

Malaysian Zongzi