Crystal rice dumpling is not a traditional rice dumpling. Comparing to the traditional rice dumpling, it has various bright colors, and the epidermal is crystal clear. The exquisite crystal rice dumpling is being given more modern elements. It is made of transparent clear skin wrapped in fresh fillings that match the tastes of the contemporary. Crystal rice dumplings are made out of various ingredients, mostly high-oil, and high-calorie foods.  You can change the filling of the crystal rice dumpling according to your flavor as well as outer layer. Some people will add Mocha powder to make it look more colorful.



250g  Tapioca Pearls

Bamboo Leaves

1   Mango

1   Dragon fruit

80g  Sweet Red Beans

2 tsp  Cooking oil

3 tsp  Sugar

150ml  Water

2 tsp Mocha Powder (optional)

Cooking Twine


1. Add 2 tsp of cooking oil, 3 tsp of sugar and 150ml of water into the tapioca pearls and mix well.

2. Cut the mango and dragon fruit into little pieces.

3. Wash the bamboo leaves and put some oil on it.

4. Put one layer of the tapioca pearls first, then the fruit/ red bean, and lastly another layer of tapioca pearls

5. Wrap them up with the bamboo leaf and tied with the cooking twine.

6. Put all the rice dumplings in a big pot of boiled water and cook for 30 minutes.

Recipe Credit: Amanda Tastes