Starr Career Development Center: August 30th deadline on Rising Starr Sophomore Program and Passport to Partnership

The Starr Career Development Center has been gearing up for the Fall semester with great programming.  Deadlines for two of our programs are coming up on August 30th:


Rising Starr Sophomore Program (RSSP): Student are eligible to apply for our Rising Starr Sophomore program for the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 academic year.  The program has a generalized track that is open exclusively to sophomores regardless of major.  Students who are accepted and complete the program will be awarded a certificate of completion.  Past students have learned soft skills training and marketable skills that have helped with successful internship placements and leadership positions. To learn more, please see attached flyer, visit StarrSearch Job ID # 55475 or


Passport to Partnership (P2P): The accounting track, Passport to Partnership will be opened to all sophomores AND juniors with an intended major in accounting.  Students will be exposed to accounting-related activities and trained on marketable skills.  Sophomores and juniors will each have their customized curriculum.  To learn more, please see attached flyer, visit StarrSearch Job ID # 55471 or


For more information, students can also visit the Starr Career Development Center in NVC 2-150 and speak to Jun Ishidoya, Program Manager (

Thank you and looking forward to catching up with you soon!