Arts and Culture Events Requirement

Capture2The Honors Program values student engagement in the arts as an essential part of a holistic college education. Whether it is music or theater or dance or the visual arts, the arts are a means of expression that not only enriches our inner lives but also provide a means to explore new ideas and appreciate the diversity of our society.  

 The Honors Program arts and culture event requirement has been changed, effective fall 2015, to better meet the goals of the program. In making these changes, the Honors Program reaffirms belief in the role of creative expression as an interpretative mode that provides students with another way of knowing themselves, their community and the world. The Honors Program seeks to use New York City as a laboratory for learning, so that students engage in an active, reflective fashion with New York City’s rich cultural resources and institutions.

 Arts and Culture Event Requirements

Students must participate in two arts and culture events per academic year, one per semester (fall and spring). The Honors Program challenges you to experience a variety of forms of creative expression. If you went to the Met, why not try a poetry slam? If you are familiar with pop music, why not try the symphony? Or, you can build a sequence of experiences that takes you more in-depth around a particular interest. Whatever your choices, we encourage you to do it thoughtfully and with a spirit of exploration and learning.

Baruch Scholars:  waived during the first semester of their freshman year

Macaulay Scholars:  waived during the first two years

*Scholars who study abroad for a full semester will be exempt from this requirement in the semester that they are abroad.

Eligible Activities

Eligible Baruch and Macaulay events are regularly offered; you will find information on these events on the Baruch and Macaulay websites and newsletters. Typical Baruch and Macaulay events include:

  • Baruch Performing Arts Center (BPAC) eventspic
  • Mishkin Gallery guided tour (Faculty Forays)
  • Harman Writer-in-Residence Reading and Discussion
  • Honors Program-sponsored cultural events (for example, Faculty Forays). Please note, Faculty Forays are documented with a sign-in sheet therefore online submissions are not necessary.
  • Honors Student Council -sponsored cultural events
  • Macaulay Honors Program Authors Series, Macaulay Arts Night, and events available through organizations recognized by the Cultural Passport

In addition, students may select arts and culture events listed in one of the Event searches below. If a scholar is uncertain whether an event meets the requirement consult the Honors Advisor.

  • New York Magazine’s Event Search lists a wide ranging set of options ranging from jazz/blues to readings, theater, museums music and dance. Choose from Music and Nightlife (live musical performances), Readings, Art, Theater and Classical.
  • From TimeOut New York choose Theater, Art, Music listings or, under “More,” Museum and Dance opportunities
  • The Skint focuses on “Free and cheap New York.” Searchable sections include museums, opera, and half-price tickets. Sign up for the daily list serve of events.

Sporting events typically do not count as an Arts & Cultural event; contact your Honors advisor if you are unsure if your event would count toward arts and culture event credit.

Documentation of Arts and Culture Event Attendance

Documentation will be submitted using an online form for all events, both on-campus and off-campus. Scholars are required to submit:

  • Basic descriptive information5pointz
    • Event Name and date
    • Advisor Name
    • Brief description of the event
    • Optional: Consent to share your response
  • a ticket, program or picture of you at the event
  • a reflection of the event that responds to at least two prompts below:
    • Why did you choose this event and did it live up to your expectations?
    • What did you learn from your experience of this event?
    • What connections can you draw between this event and a course (or courses) you have taken?


Required arts and culture events documentation for Fall and Spring is due the last day of classes for that semester. Students may attend events during the summer. These events will be counted towards past due events or the upcoming fall.

Arts and Culture Event attendance is required for Good Standing in the Honors Program

  • Students are required to attend a cultural event each semester and submit documentation on-line. Timely submission of arts and culture events is required for good standing in the Honors Program. Students in arrears face potential holds on their records, which mean risk of losing first-day enrollment privileges.
  • Written reflections are considered an extension of the academic experience. Documentation will be held to standards of academic integrity. False or plagiarized documentation will be considered a serious infraction violating the spirit of the Honors Program and Baruch’s academic integrity policy.