Graduation Checklist

To be completed 2 semesters before you graduate:

Students who have completed at least 75 credits should schedule an appointment with their Honors Advisor to request a Baruch Academic Planner (BAP). BAP’s show completed, in progress, and remaining degree requirements. During this meeting, your Honors Advisor will also confirm your progress in completing all of your Honors Program requirements.

To be completed 1 semester before you graduate:

Marxe, Weisman and Zicklin majors: Submit an Application for Graduation through CUNY first the semester before you graduate. CUNY BA students complete a Graduation Audit with your CUNY Baccalaureate Academic Advisor.

TIP:  How to file an Application for Graduation through CUNY first.  (If you change the date you will graduate after you file this application, you will have to file an updated paper application with the Registrar.)

To be completed the semester in which you are graduating:

1. Consult with the your Advisor to confirm that you have attended the required number of arts and culture events and completed the required hours of community service.

2. You will be emailed a survey about your Honors experience–please complete it!  You will receive a letter confirming that you will receive the Honors designation With College Honors on your diploma after grades are finalized. Latin Honors are determined by the Baruch Registrar according to College policy.

3. Stay in touch! Please update your preferred email address in CUNYfirst so you continue to receive correspondence from Baruch and Honors.

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Honors Valedictory Celebration

Spring 2020: May 26th, 9:30am – 12:30pm Postponed due to COVID-19

The Honors Valedictory Celebration is an annual event to celebrate the Honors community and graduating scholars! At this event and among honored guest, faculty, staff and advisors:

  • Graduating Seniors will be presented with Honors medallions to wear at commencement
  • Outstanding Honors Teaching and Dr. Susan A. Locke Awards will be announced
  • Students writing an Honors Thesis will be  recognized

Baruch Commencement

See  Baruch’s Commencement Information for dates, tickets, cap & gown etcgraduation

Macaulay Commencement

See Macaulay’s Commencement Information