On Campus Cultural Events Requirement

Chinatown_ForayThe Honors Program encourages our scholars to participate in a broad array of cultural events during their undergraduate years. Every semester, Scholars are required to attend at least one on-campus cultural event  approved by the Baruch College Honors Program.

In addition to Honors events, such as Forays (trips to museums and attractions). students are encouraged to attend events sponsored by the  Baruch Performing Arts Center.  See the Honors Google Calendar — for Faculty Foray dates and other events that qualify for cultural event credit!  Cultural events are also listed in our weekly e-mail, HonorsConnect.

Cultural events include:

Contact your Honors advisor if you are unsure if your event would count toward cultural event credit.

 Cultural Event Requirements for Scholar groups:

Baruch Scholars:  waived during the first semester of their freshman year

Macaulay Scholars:  waived during the first two years

Provost Scholars: one on-campus cultural event per semester

*Scholars who study abroad for a full semester will be exempt from this requirement in the semester that they are abroad.

Guidelines for Documenting Cultural Events:

Students can document this requirement by submitting their ticket stub to the Honors Program front desk immediately after the event. Please note that for Baruch non-ticketed events not sponsored by the Honors Program, students should submit a short, one-page paragraph description of their thought of the event along with any other documentation (e.g. a program or playbill). On top of this page, please type your full name, event’s name, date and time. Non-ticketed events sponsored by the Honors Program will have a sign-in sheet.  Scholars studying abroad for a full semester are exempt from this requirement in the semester they are abroad.

DEADLINE:  This requirement must be completed and documented by the last day of class in the semester in which it is due.