Honors Ambassadors

Honors Program Ambassadors (HPA’s) are the official student representatives of the Baruch College Honors Program. As such, HPA’s are a select group of volunteers who assist in the process of admitting students into the BCHP by sharing their experiences as Honors students. HPA’s are characterized by their strong interpersonal and communication skills, excellent academic records, and intimate knowledge of student life and academics at Baruch College. Click here for details about the position, including eligibility requirements.

To apply to become an Ambassador contact Douglas Medina or fill out the application found here and send it electronically to Mr. Medina.

This is what some of our Ambassadors have to say:

Salma Mohamed, Class of 2016 — Honors Program Ambassador since 2013


“Serving the Baruch College community as an Honors Program Ambassador is a very rewarding experience and a leadership role that I picture myself maintaining for the duration of my time at Baruch College. As an Ambassador I not only strengthen my interpersonal skills, but I also have the pleasure of connecting with high school students about the big transition awaiting them in the next step of their academic careers. It is truly an honor to give advice to, converse with, and ease the concerns of the next class of proud Bearcats at Baruch and their families.”

Eleni Efstathiadis, Class of 2016 — Honors Program Ambassador since 2013


“Being a student Honors Ambassador has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. I remember what a profound impact a past ambassador had on me when I attended one of the college panels as a senior in high school, and I strive to do the same. The Macaulay Honors Program and Baruch College has given me so many opportunities that range from going on a medical brigade in Panama, to interning with a top ophthalmologist, to studying abroad in the Dominican Republic. I want to share my experiences with others and tell them all that Baruch has to offer. Oftentimes Baruch is seen as a commuter school where it is hard to be involved, or it is viewed strictly as a business school. I want to help break down those stereotypes, and uncover the wide array of ways students can be involved, as well as the diverse paths students can take academically. As a student Ambassador I am able to take on an active leadership role, and give back to a community that has given me so much.”

Laila Metjahic, Class of 2015 — Honors Program Ambassador since 2012


“Serving as an Honors Program Ambassador has been an amazing experience for me. It’s been a great way to meet new people and to greatly expand my communication and interpersonal skills. Another perk of being an honors ambassador is helping prospective students determine if Baruch is the right fit for them and to help incoming freshmen adjust to life at Baruch. As a Baruch Honors student, I am able to give a firsthand account of life at Baruch; both academic and social. ”

Anthony Esposito, Class of 2016 — Honors Program Ambassador since 2013


“I love serving as an Honors Student Ambassador because it allows me to share my experience as an Honors Scholar with other prospective students. The Honors Program has afforded me so much in terms of resources, support, and opportunity that most Baruch students do not have access to. As the Honors Program has greatly enriched my time and education at Baruch, my goal is to show this enhanced side of Baruch College to potential students. Working as an ambassador has also furthered my communication skills and leadership abilities through the tours I lead and the questions I answer. In short, serving as an Honors Student Ambassador has been a tremendously rewarding experience.”

Mahum Khan, Class of 2016 — Honors Program Ambassador since 2013


“Working as an Honors Program Ambassador has truly been one of the most gratifying experiences in my college career. By conducting regular tours to prospective students, I get the unique opportunity to really connect with them, understand what their concerns are and then figure out the various ways in which Baruch can shape their college experience. I understand that making the right choice for college is extremely important and it gives me great pleasure to know that I can contribute in helping high school students in this stressful time.”

Sanjit Gill, Class of 2016 — Honors Program Ambassador since 2013

“Discussing the pros and cons of attending Baruch as an Honors Scholar gave me an opportunity to not only think back on what I’m thankful for but also remind myself of all the opportunities I still have yet [to capitalize] on.”

Natalie De Paz, Class of 2016 — Honors Program Ambassador since 2013

“Listening to older students eased my transition from high school into college. Serving as an honors ambassador enables me to repay that favor by guiding students as a mentor and as a friend. I hope to share my experience as a Macaulay student, a former board member of FUSION (cultural club), and as a member of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority to show how involved you can be on campus. Aside from that, Baruch College and the HPA program has given me skills that I have taken to my various internships in Marketing and Public Relations. I have found success at Baruch and strive to help others do the same.”