Tiffany Zeng

Tiffany Zeng near Mount FourviereI am currently studying abroad in Lyon, France. It is a charming city with history paved within each quaint cobblestoned street. Within a few short months, I have fallen completely in love with everything about Lyon – the people, the Old Village, the view from la Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière. This experience has been an experience to last a lifetime. I have grown, both personally and academically. Living and travelling abroad has allowed me to adapt an open and curious mind, an adventurous heart, and a genuine interest for different cultures and lifestyles. My curriculum at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 encourages constant hands-on knowledge with a wide array of workshops and lectures for both the students and faculty. I am also avidly learning French in my university and amidst conversations with the Lyonnais locals. There is nothing like coming to France with zero French knowledge and challenging yourself by learning more and more everyday. Studying abroad has provided me with a clearer perspective of where my future is headed, as now it involves plenty of international living.