No trash left behind! Take it with you.

Baruch College Reinforces the Importance of Recycling with Take It With You Campaign

NEW YORK, NY – Recycling requires the participation of many people, and nowhere is this more necessary than on a college campus. This spring, Baruch College is launching the “Take It With You” campaign designed to strengthen the college’s recycling efforts by reminding the campus community to take their trash out of the classroom and place it in the proper receptacles. To learn more click here.

Barurch College’s Recycling Campaign

Recycling at Baruch College: Are we really helping the environment?

When we surveyed Baruch students last year we found that 97% indicated they recycled and 99.4% said recycling was important for the environment. When students, staff and faculty including Zicklin’s Dean Elliott conducted a waste audit of the Vertical Campus we found that less than half of all of our recyclables were being placed in recycling containers. All of this recyclable trash was headed for the landfill where the plastic could decompose into our ground water… Read more here.

Baruch College’s New Recycling Program: A How to Guide (video)

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