Green Initiatives

Waste Audit Report 2Taskforce Initiatives

The Sustainability Task Force takes on numerous projects throughout the year. Most recently completed is the Campus Wide Recycling Program. We have worked hard and with passion to place numerous recycling bins around campus, so we can do our part to lessen waste and increase recycling! Click here to find out more.

In efforts to save plastic, water, and energy, we have placed water bottle filling stations around campus. Find a Water Bottle Filling Station.

If your interested in learning more about what we do, click here to read more about the Sustainability Task Force is up to.

facilities 2

Baruch’s facilities have gone green! We have implemented a number of different changes in our facilities to help out the environment. Some of these changes include utilizing green chemicals for cleaning, using carpets made from 100 recycled carpets, and expanding locations of LED lights. To read more about what is happening to keep Baruch facilities green click here.

Green IT Blog

This is a site built and updated by students who are taking courses (CIS 9240 & CIS 3700) in Green IT offered by the Zicklin School of Business.  Additionally the blog is a resource for those outside of the class and for active practitioners in the rapidly evolving area of Green IT.


BCTC Green IT Initiatives

Get tips to save power and find out about projects BCTC is working on to increase Baruch’s efficiency.

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