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See something new around campus?

Join the movement to take the stairs! The Task Force’s most recent project, the Stair Riser banners, can be seen ascending from the first to second floor in the North Vertical Campus building on 25th Street. This project is collaboration with Baruch’s … Continue reading

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Beyond Oil NYC Part-time Internship (Winter/Spring 2014)

The safe amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 350 ppm, according to the Mauna Loa Observatory the amount of co2 in the atmosphere as of November 2013 was 395.10 ppm. It is believed and backed by significant research, … Continue reading

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New Electric Cars Unveiled in Frankfurt

  Cars are major contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. There are over one billion cars in the world today and the vast majority of them run on gasoline. In an effort to cut not only cars’ contribution to greenhouse … Continue reading

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“Renewables To Surpass Gas By 2016 In Global Power Mix – IEA”

Check out this article by Eurasia Review that says “renewable power is expected to increase by 40% in the next five years”! What do you think?

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To Slow Warming, Tax Carbon

ENVIRONMENT played only a modest role in the recent American presidential election. President Obama lauded his new fuel-efficiency standards and support for renewable energy sources, while Mitt Romney faulted the president for rising gasoline prices and new restrictions on coal … Continue reading

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