Lets Do It Baruch 2012

People are concerned now more than ever about environmental issues. The impact we have on our planet continues to affect our natural systems as well as our quality of life. One of the biggest problems we face is waste management. Almost every activity we perform individually and as a society produces some form of waste. If we desire a cleaner surrounding, it is up to us to do our part to understand how we produce waste as well as being active in its disposal.

In 2008, a group of volunteers in Estonia started a campaign to cleanup illegal waste in the entirety of their country. In one day 50,000 volunteers worked together to solve a problem that their government believed would cost millions of dollars and thousands of work hours. To view the video: Click Here

Join us in creating awareness and helping to build a culture of personal responsibility when it comes to waste disposal. Seemingly minor adjustments in peoples everyday attitude towards waste can make a tremendous impact.

Join the movement!

There are many ways how you can be an earth week hero:
  1. Join Us – it doesn’t matter if you already have loads of experience in volunteer work or have never organized anything in your life. All it takes is a decision to make things better in your area
  2. Map the illegal waste around your home – download the application for iPhone or Android and start mapping right away. Invite your friends to join you and see who can find more garbage or go out together to discover and map new areas. Then you’ll know where to go on the cleanup day.
  3. Participate on the cleanup day – you can dedicate one day to make a big difference.
  4. Spread the word – if you have friends who might be just looking for a chance to save the world, then be kind and help them out, let your friends know about World Cleanup and invite them to join.

If none of these work for you, but you are still determined to save the world from being wasted, write us at: newyork@letsdoitworld.org

Mapping Garbage is Easy and Fun!

Mapping is easy and fun:

• Map online or with your mobile phone applications for iphones and android phones from any place in the world
• Your mapping data provides clean up crews with useful data on garbage location and density;
• Helps to monitor the illegal waste issue in your area;

Online Map of Garbage

Get the App: iPhone | Android

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