Task Force Initiatives

The Baruch College Task Force collaborates with Students from USG and other Sustainability clubs, faculty and staff to develop on exisiting areas and create new iniatives on and off campus.



Baruch is making serious moves to be more recycle friendly on campus. We believe that making recycling more accessible and convenient to our students, faculty, and staff helps our campus, New York City, and the world. Help us help you help the world by using your closest recycling can for your trash needs! For recycling tips and information, please click here and start recycling today!



 PaperStackPaper Reduction

College campuses are a haven for paper products, and at Baruch we know this. Therefore we have taken steps to reduce our paper consumption and waste by having recycle cans. To learn more about what we are doing on campus to reduce our paper use, click here, and start saving your paper!



water bottleWater Bottle Filling Stations
Locations in the Vertical Campus:
  • 1st Floor- next to
    cafeteria entrance
  • 3rd Floor- by USG
  • 5th Floor- in atrium
  • 8th Floor- in atrium
  • 13th Floor- in atrium

Roughly 50 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every year. At Baruch, we would rather reuse ours to help lower that figure. And we’ve made it easy by placing water bottle filling stations all over campus. So instead of grabbing a fresh bottle, take a couple steps and refill. Our earth will thank you.

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